1JTP Classileague1 v 15EvolutionMaster Rule 22023-08-13
2Tournament 1single1 v 112023.06 TCGMaster Rules 20202023-08-31
3JTP Nostalgia 1single1 v 13JTP (Original)Master Rule 22023-08-20
4Madness Circusleague3 v 332023.04 Speed DuelSpeed Duel2023-08-15
5Single Elimination 1single1 v 112023.06 TCGMaster Rule 12023-08-19
6Test Metal 1single1 v 112023.06 TCGMaster Rule 12024-04-29
7Test 1single1 v 112023.06 TCGMaster Rule 22023-08-14
8Killer Duo 2023league2 v 232023.06 TCGMaster Rules 20202023-12-01

Evolution is another server that utilizes the EDOPro core to facilitate Duel Monsters matches. However, our main focus lies in the scalability of the code, enabling effortless integration of new features associated with the data generated during duels


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